* like-new, rarely used, for 6 string regular, and 4 string base guitars, with standard tuning
* with an off/auto/manual switch:
o 'auto' senses the string being tuned, as shown with a red LED
o 'manual' allows selection of the string to be tuned with the 'note' button, and as shown with a red LED
* tuning/pitch range is from 41.203 Hz (lo open base E string) to 329.63 Hz (hi open regular E string)
* tuning is with reference to the standard A-440 pitch, but can be shifted in eight 1 Hz steps from 438 to 445 Hz with the 'pitch' button, and as shown with a red LED
* the VU meter reads from - 50 to + 50 cents (-/+ half a semitone, a semitone being 100 cents, and 0 cents in the center being in tune to within -/+ 3 cents)
* the meter also reads battery strength
* 2 red LEDs show if tuning is flat or sharp, or in tune (both lights on), and that also both flash when the battery is too lo
* with a microphone for use with any guitar
* or with the input 1/4 in. dia. mono jack for use with an electric guitar
* and with a passthru function from an electric guitar to an amp using the input/output 1/4 in. dia. mono jacks; passthru works whether the tuner is on or off
* with one 9v battery in bottom battery case
* with multi-lingual instruction sheet and the original box
* 5.25 x 2.5 x 1.25 in. hi
john.gruber@sympatico.ca, 613-824-